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Swarna, S. T., Reddy, K. S., Reddy, M. A., & Pandey, B. B. (2016). Analysis of Bonded Concrete Pavements Using 3D FEM. TPMDC Conference, Conference Proceeding 151.


A concrete pavement may consist of two layers of a bonded concrete panel with the top layer being made up of premium quality aggregates while the lower layer concrete can have lower grade aggregates such as recycled concrete and marginal aggregates. The monolithic action of the two layers of concrete slabs results in a decreased thickness of pavements resulting in a saving of the natural resources. The paper presents an analysis of stresses in bonded concrete pavements considering axle load and temperature gradients acting simultaneously so that an appropriate pavement thickness can be selected for a given traffic using the approach of IRC: 58-2015.

Contributors: Swarna, S. T., Reddy, K.S., Reddy, M. A., & Pandey, B. B.

Link(s) for the Paper: Journal Website | ResearchGate