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Rana M M, & Hasan A S M Z. (2016). An Exact Solution of Post-buckled Nonlinear Beam on an Elastic Foundation. 3rd International Conference on Advances in Civil Engineering (ICACE-2016). 21-23 December, 2016, CUET, Bangladesh.ISSN: 978-984-34-1662-9, Paper ID: G-1415, pp.115-116.


This paper is concerned with buckling problem of flexible beams on an elasticfoundation for free vibration. An exact solution for the post-buckled geometric nonlinear beam with clamed-clamed and clamed-hinged end conditions are presented in this paper. The cubic nonlinearity of the governing equation of motion is induced due to the mid-plane stretching, which is considered in the analysis. The critical buckling load, associated mode shape, the effect of foundation stiffness, andvibration behavior are obtained. The optimum locations of an internal hinge and the optimum buckling force are also investigated for various foundation stiffness of the nonlinear beam on an elastic foundation.

Contributors: Rana M M, & Hasan A S M Z

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