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Rahman T, Akter F. (2014). Production Optimization of Well HBJ#06 of Habiganj Gas Field. Proceedings of 4thInternational Conference of Chemical Engineering, Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET), Bangladesh. pp 53-57


For different gas reservoirs, production optimization is a key factor to increase the production rate and reduce the production cost [1]. Due to drilling work and continuous production, skin is being formed, which reduces permeability near wellbore. Unplanned well design, tubing diameter, low perforation ratio with pay zone cause problems at production time [2]. Different optimization procedures, appropriate changes of well configuration could increase the production rate [3].

Habiganj Gas Field is one of the high performance gas reservoirs in Bangladesh. High permeability, strong water drive, two phase steady state flow are the characteristics of the field [17]. This paper investigates the performances, production system of Habiganj Gas Field Well no. 06 and shows the optimization procedures due to present conditions and for future also, when reservoir will be at decline mode. Rocks and fluid properties have been calculated to understand the reservoir and fluid behavior. IPR and VLP curves show well deliverability. For optimization, applying removal techniques of skin and increasing permeability, changing tubing diameter and perforation height, maintaining wellhead pressure of the well, provide a new optimized well deliverability. Currently well no 06 is producing gas at the rate of 21 MMSCF per day [17], this work results new optimized production rate of 50.25 MMSCFD.

Contributors: Rahman T, Akter F.

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