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Rahman M S, Miah M I, Ahmed S, Akter F, Hossain M E. (2016). Reservoir Fluid Properties with Memory – A Critical Review and Some Additions. International Conference on Petroleum Engineering (ICPE), Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET), Bangladesh.


The actual effect of continuous time function (i.e. memory) on fluid flow through porous media comes out when we predict oil flow. In order to make predictions, several Newtonian flow equations have been considered. In addition, some non-Newtonian flow models are also considered to represent any fluid properties. This paper summarizes the fluid flow models where memory formalism was taken into consideration. Literature shows that fluid memory is the most crucial but most ignored portion in studying any fluid flow model. The strength of the memory underlays that it presents almost all the previous history of the fluid and also predicts how it will act in the future time. So far, there is no non-Newtonian flow model which is established by memory. This paper reviews most of the existing fluid models with memory, focuses the hypothetical problems of time function, and describes the actual benefit of having memory for fluid properties such as temperature, surface tension, stress, strain, viscosity etc. It also critically reviews all the existing models, and shows a relation of fluid viscosity, time function, and permeability of fluid media with stress-strain. This study will help in describing the exact behavior of a fluid flow in porous media. This concept can be used in considering fluid flow behavior in a special reservoir condition.

Contributors: Rahman, M. S.; Miah, M.I; Ahmed S.; Akter, F.; Hossain, M. E.

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