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Bio-Based Binders as a Sustainable Alternative to Conventional Asphalt Binders

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To reduce the impact of global warming and use of non-renewable resources, bio-based binder is becoming popular in the recent years. The increased use of the alternative binder is also due to the recent volatility in the petroleum market and considering economic advantages. Many research has been carried to develop and evaluate sustainable sources of bio-binder and comprehend the fundamental and engineering properties of the alternative binders. The goal of this project is to develop an overall picture of current state of bio-based asphalt binder. Low-temperature properties, elasticity, resistance to rutting, aging, responses to high temperature and cracking behaviour of bio-based binders will be discussed, along with the relative comparison to conventional asphalt binder. Additionally, the degree of partial replacement of petroleum-based asphalt binders by bio modified binders to achieve optimum advantageous properties will be discussed.