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Khan S, Nagabhushana M N, Tiwari D, Hossain K,& Guruvittal U K. (2019). Performance Evaluation of Inverted Pavement for Low Volume Roads. Road Materials and Pavement Design. Under Review.


The inverted pavement system is an alternate type of pavement system in comparison to the rigid and flexible pavement system. The performance of this type of pavement has been tried in many counties including the US, South Africa and India. The base layer of the inverted pavement is mostly a cement-treated layer with varied cement content depending on the unconfined compressive strength criteria. In the present case, fly ash has been used as a replacement of aggregate in the base layer and thereafter, it has been treated with cement. The optimized combination of fly ash, aggregate and cement has been determined and then used for the construction of a test track for 0.5 MSA. After construction of the test track, the section has been evaluated using Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD) at base level, Benkelman Beam Deflection (BBD) at surface level and Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity (UPV) test at the base layer. Finally, the test track has been tested using actual loading of standard axle truck cycling back and forth on the test track at a regulated speed. The rutting and fatigue of the surface layer has been monitored to determine the performance of the test track. Thereafter, the plate load test has been carried on the test section to evaluate the load versus deflection of the pavement layer. Finally, finite element modeling of the test section using Plaxis 3-D, has been done to ascertain the distress caused.

Contributors: Khan S, Nagabhushana M N, Tiwari D, Hossain K, & Guruvittal U K.