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Hossain S M K, Fu L, Lake R. (2016). Optimum Winter Road Maintenance: Effect of Pavement Types. Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering.


This paper presents the results of an extensive field study of the comparative performance of road salt on different pavement types for snow and ice control in transportation facilities. Approximately 400 tests were conducted in a real-world environment, covering three different pavement types and 27 snow events. The performance is compared on asphalt concrete (AC), portland cement concrete (PCC), and interlocked concrete (IC) pavements in terms of pavement clearing speed. The study suggests that on average, salt performs better on AC than PCC or ICC pavement, with the latter two having similar performance. The results were confirmed with a paired t-test analysis and then used to develop a performance model, the results of which were used to develop an adjustment factor for each of the different pavement types. The results from this research can be applied by pavement maintenance personnel to optimize salt usage and improve safety in transportation facilities.

Contributors: Hossain S M K, Fu L, Lake R.

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