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Hossain K. and Hossain Z. (2018). A Synthesis of Computational and Experimental Approaches of Evaluating Chemical, Physical and Mechanistic Properties of Asphalt Binders. In Pavement Analysis and Design by Multi-physics (Edited by R. Lytton et al.). Special Issue of Journal of Advances in Civil Engineering.


Asphalt binder is a very complex chemical compound. Much work has been done to understand and model its chemical, morphological, rheological and mechanical features. This survey paper presents test results and findings from pertinent studies available in the public domain. Understanding of asphalt characteristics at the very finite level is the first critical step to develop a better macro or pavement level performance model. This paper showcases a summary of current knowledge gained on: a) how chemical elemental compositions and molecular groups play critical roles in asphalt binder’s performance in pavement composites; b) morphological properties and their relationships with the asphalt’s structural performance; and c) mechanistic characteristics of asphalt binder’s at nanoscopic, mesoscopic, and microscopic levels, and how they are related to macroscopic or pavement level performance.

Contributors: Hossain, K. and Hossain, Z.

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