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Happy F A, Rahman A, Akter F, Hossain M E. (2016). Pressure Data Analysis Using Derivative Type Curve for Multilayered Gas Reservoir. International Conference on Petroleum Engineering (ICPE), Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET), Bangladesh.


Well testing is regarded as one of the tools for formation evaluation and also reservoir management. The data required for performing well test analysis is interpreted based on an assumption that the reservoir is homogeneous and isotropic. However, many reservoirs can be found that they are composed of several layers and are not homogeneous. The pressure data analysis of a vertically heterogeneous reservoir is different than a single layered reservoir. This analysis is used to estimate reservoir parameters such as permeability, skin factor, absolute open flow (AOFP) potential, average reservoir pressure, dimensionless wellbore storage coefficient and reservoir areal extent, etc. The objectives of this study are to: i) analyze well test and pressure data, and ii) determine these formation properties. Subsequently, vertical and multilayered model parameters are estimated using pressure and their semi log derivative on a set of dimensionless type curves. Bourdet derivative method is used for matching type curve. Later, diagnostic analysis is performed using derivative type curve and compared the results of diagnostic analysis with vertical and multilayered models. The purpose of this paper is to recognize the formation cross flow for the multilayered rectangular reservoir. The direction of formation cross flow can be determined by the permeability of the layer and then by the skin factor. All analyses are presented in a graphical sequence.  This paper will provide a better understanding of the multilayered modelling using the pressure data analysis which can characterize the whole reservoir in a better way.

Contributors: Happy, F.A; Rahman A.; Akter, F. Hossain M. E.

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