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Feroz S I, Rahman M M. (2019). “Effective Route Analysis of MRT Line 6 Based On Passenger Satisfaction”. In 5th International Conference on Engineering Research, Innovation and Education (ICERIE 2019). Sylhet, Bangladesh


Dhaka, the capital, administrative and commercial hub of Bangladesh is subjected to acute traffic congestion, inadequate traffic management, and high accident rates. This has prompted to the introduction of Metro rail in order to improve the public transport system of the city. This has led the current research, where a questionnaire survey has been conducted to find the most effective route for MRT Line 6. From the questionnaire survey the socio economic characteristics of the passengers, the condition of the road, main obstacles during the trip, waiting time; cost for the trip is analyzed. From user response survey it is found that the present transport facilities are not adequate. Public transport is already a popular mode of transport among the low income group of people; therefore, efforts can be made to retain ridership of this group of travelers by providing the most effective route for MRT line 6. The proposed route for MRT Line 6 is from Mothijeel Secretariat to North of Uttara. But the route alignment of MRT Line 6 is not satisfactory according to the questionnaire survey. Only 51% road user uses the proposed route of MRT Line. So different route of MRT Line 6 is suggested like Sayedabaad to Uttara Airport, Mothijeel secretariat to Uttara Airport, Sayedabaad to Uttara North. 73% road user use MRT, which is 22% greater than the proposed route if it is connected from Sayedabaad Bus Terminal to Uttara Airport.

Authors: Feroz S I, Rahman M M.

Link(s) for the Article: ResearchGate