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Emtenan A M, Ullah A, Ahmed R B. (2017). Incorporating Mobility Handicapped People in Mass Transportation System of Bangladesh. International Journal of Current Research. Vol. 9, Issue, 06, pp.5248552489.


Accessible transport means to make transport services easier for all groups of people. Removing features that create barriers for a particular group of people is the precondition of ensuring accessible transportation system. Mobility handicapped people constitute about 12% of the total population in Bangladesh. Problems with transport are the major reasons why they cannot access education, healthcare and employment opportunities. This inability leads them and their families to poverty. Incorporating these people in mass transportation system is a prime requisite to ensure an independent and poverty free life for them. This research work focuses on explaining the access difficulties faced by mobility-disabled people. It summarizes some instances of good access practice followed throughout the world for improving accessibility of disabled people. Considering costs & all other constraints, some recommendations are given here for improving access in Bangladesh.

Contributors: Emtenan, A.M., Ullah, A., & Ahmed, R. B.

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