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Congrats to Thomas for NSERC CGS-M Award!

Thomas  Donnelly has recently received prestigious NSERC CGS-M award for his achievements in research and academic excellence. Under the supervision of Dr. Kamal Hossain who was then a final year doctoral researcher at the civil and environmental engineering department of the University of Waterloo, Thomas contributed in several research studies. Although it was his first undergrad co-op term, with his fast learning ability, Thomas contributed and co-authored three technical papers that studied effects of pavement types and pre-wetting materials on optimal WRM, and development of a mechanistic-empirical model, which were published in CJCE/ASCE journals. Since then, Thomas has furthered his research in different fields including nanotechnology research. He also presented his research that involved experimental design for higher-level factorial experiments in a reputable conference.
Thomas will receive his bachelor’s degree this June at Waterloo, and is excited to strengthen his research profile utilizing this NSERC CGS-M award through a Master’s study. Congrats again Thomas!!! We are so proud of you!!! Our research group wishes you all the best in your Master’s research!!!