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Ali A, Hossain K, Dhasmana H, Hussein A. (2018). Modeling Pavement Performance Indices for Harsh Climate Region. In Progress.


Newfoundland and Labrador is the most easterly province in Canada, and is at the north-eastern corner of North America. Each day, roads in this province bears the impacts of northern harsh climates in addition to ever increasing traffic loading. Combinedly, they have significantly negative impacts on the durability of the roads in this region. The five-year roads plan of the provincial government involved changing its focus from the construction of new pavements to the maintenance and rehabilitation of existing pavements. Before adopting the maintenance or rehabilitation strategies, the basic parameter needs to be evaluated and this relates to the determination of the conditions of the pavement. There are many methods to determine the conditions and roughness of the pavement but in this study, the authors examined the International Roughness Index (IRI), Present Serviceability Rating (PSR), and Pavement Condition Index (PCI) of various pavements in the city of St. John’s. In addition to that, pavement distresses such as rutting, block cracking, fatigue cracking, longitudinal cracking, transverse cracking, delamination, potholes, and patching of the St. John’s pavements were estimated, and a correlation was developed between the roughness measurements and the distress measures. Pavement distress data were collected over major and minor roads in St. John’s of Newfoundland, Canada. In this study, 19 different road sections, with an overall length of 58 km pavement was selected. An application ‘Totalpave’, installed on the smartphone and mounted in the vehicle was used to measure the IRI of the pavement. To compute the PCI of the pavement, ASTM D6433 was adopted and to obtain the PSR, a questionnaire was prepared and distributed among a number of drivers. The questionnaire included questions regarding the safety, smooth, and comfort of the roads. A correlation between the roughness measurement and the distress was developed.

Contributors: Ali, A., Hossain, K., Dhasmana, H., Hussein, A.

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