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Alam R, Hoque M M. (2018). Safe System and Countermeasures for Vulnerable Road Users in Dhaka City. 4th International Conference on Civil Engineering for Sustainable Development (ICCESD-2018). (ISBN: 978-984-34-3502-6)


In Bangladesh, the vulnerable road users (VRUs) such as pedestrians, bicyclists, motor cyclist, pedal rickshaws and users of various informal motorized and non-motorized modes are victims of massive injury due to heterogeneous traffic practice. In most of the cases, vulnerable road users are ignored from the planning of urban road network system. Nearly 65 percent of road traffic fatalities in Bangladesh are attributed to vulnerable road users. The share of vulnerable road users (VRUs) deaths in urban areas, particularly in Dhaka is much more staggering nearly 60 percent in 2014. Transportation by walking is mostly seen in Bangladesh and is highly vulnerable. Cycle rickshaws too cater quite significant proportion of trips (25% to 40%) in cities. Safe system is required to prevent these deaths and serious injuries occurring which has the objective of eliminating deaths and serious injuries, with the guiding principle that everyone, including planners, share responsibility for creating a safe road system. This paper aims to present VRUs crash factors in Dhaka city with a view to ameliorating in-built crash risk factors by implementing affordable road environmental countermeasures. This paper in particular focuses on the potential application of safe system principles for improving safety of VRUs.

ContributorsAlam R, Hoque M M.

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