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Akter F. (2015). An Approach to Estimation of Gas Reserve with Dynamic Reservoir Simulation- A Case Study of Narshingdi Gas Field. Journal of Chemical Engineering, Institute of Engineers, Bangladesh


Increasing demand of fuel globally formulates gas as one of the most valuable natural resources. There is lot of uncertainties in estimating hydrocarbon volume correctly from exploration to development stage of a gas field. The accuracy and reliability of data (reservoir geological model, fluid and rock properties) make the implement very hard-hitting. So, estimating and updating the gas reserve has become vital issue, as it helps the planners for drawing mid-term and long-term development plan from field development level to national level.

This paper presents the study of reserve estimation of a Narshingdi Gas Field in Bangladesh. Gas production continues from the reservoir due to pressure depletion. In this paper, a dynamic reservoir simulation model has been used to perform a history match “pressure and production” using commercial simulator “ECLIPSE 100” for reserve estimation. The result of this study is expected to provide Gas Initially in Place (GIIP) and recoverable gas volume. Simultaneously three forecast scenarios have also been investigated.

Contributors: Akter, F

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