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Ahmed R B, Rahman A, Islam K, Palit S K. (2017). Recycling of Reclaimed Bituminous Pavement Materials. 1st International Conference on Research & Innovation in Civil Engineering (ICRICE 2018). Chittagong, Bangladesh. (ISBN: 978-984-34-3576-7).


Most of the highways and roads of Bangladesh are generally constructed as flexible pavement and are generally designed with fresh aggregates and neat bitumen. During road re-construction and rehabilitation, proper handling of demolished pavement becomes a great problem. When this demolished pavement is not properly handled, it causes environmental hazards and creates disposal problems. Reusing of demolished pavement materials may become a possible alternative for pavement construction. Environmental, economic, and social benefits are the encouraging factors for pavement recycling. The global objective of sustainable development can be achieved by making use of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP) in roadway paving new projects. The main purpose of this study is to investigate the use of RAP materials in addition of neat bitumen at various types of highway. The study describes the determination of Optimum Bitumen Content (OBC) using Marshall Mix Design method at various bitumen content. The investigation also covers the determination of bitumen content present in RAP and reclaimed aggregate gradation before Marshall Mix Design and finding out the water sensitivity of bituminous mix in terms of retained stability at OBC. The aggregates of reclaimed pavement falls within the envelope for continuously graded mix and the binder content present in RAP is 1.37%. From this design, the OBC was found as 4.92% and at OBC, the retained stability was found as 77.2%. Marshall Mix Design properties at OBC of the samples are in specified limit according to Marshall Mix Design criteria for a new pavement construction. So, it can be concluded that reclaimed pavement materials with the addition of neat bitumen can be reused as bituminous surface course successfully.

Contributors: Ahmed, R B., Rahman, A., Islam, K., & Palit, S.K.

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