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Ahmed R B, Amin J, Palit S K. (2016). Road Surface Drainage at Hat Bazaar of Rural Area: A Case Study. 3rd International Conference on Advances in Civil Engineering (ICACE-2016). Chittagong, Bangladesh. (ISBN: 978-984-34-1662-9).


The average annual rainfall in Bangladesh varies from 1429 to 4338 millimeters (BMD, 2014). During rainy season, this water causes serious water logging on roadways due to improper drainage system & local road dwellers behavior. Without proper drainage of water, it creates hazardous impact on daily activities of rural as well as urban area people. Pahartali is a Local Hat-Bazaar of Raozan upazilla on Chittagong- kaptai road. During rainy season, this bazaar becomes water logged for long time due to absence of proper drainage system and drainage maintenance system, which cause nuisance for consumers and sellers.
The present study includes a field investigation on a selected hat-bazaar area related to water-logging as well as to find out a probable solution for water logged area. In this regard, a suitable solution may be providing a permeable pavement along the both side of the pavement along with proper drainage system so that a sustainable & effective drainage system can be achieved. The overall benefits of permeable pavements may include; improved storm water drainage, improved skid resistance, reduction of mud spray to drivers and pedestrians as well as a potential for noise reduction. This techniques can be used for local hat-bazaar area of Bangladesh which are usually suffered from water logging during rainy season.

Contributors: Ahmed, R B., Amin, J., & Palit, S. K.

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