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Ahmed R B, Amin J, Islam T, Hasan R, Palit S K. (2016). Assessment of Industrial Effluent Pollution in Karnaphuli River. 3rd International Conference on Advances in Civil Engineering (ICACE-2016). Chittagong, Bangladesh. (ISBN: 978-984-34-1662-9).


Industry is one of the main resources of a country’s economic development. Different types of industries have different system of productions and use different types of chemicals and raw materials. The untreated effluent from the industries rapidly pollutes the surface water. Hence surface water quality is degrading, people are depended on ground water for their daily water related activities which creates scarcity of water. Again the use of polluted surface water results in serious health hazards. As Chittagong is the port city of Bangladesh, various types of industries are established here due to having favorable environment. Most of the industries are situated on the bank of Karnaphuli river and do not have proper effluent treatment plan (ETP).Thus this river is getting polluted continuously by the untreated effluent of these industries. Study has been conducted in ‘Kalurghat Heavy Industrial Area, Chittagong’ by collecting effluent from nine industries and three stationary points on Karnaphuli river. Investigation shows that many industries don’t have ETP, some have but these are not in operation. Physiochemical results show that the amount of Turbidity and TSS is very high though the heavy metal parameters are within Bangladesh standards. Thus effluent should be treated in a proper way to dispose in the river.

Contributors: Ahmed, R B., Amin, J., Islam, T., Hasan, R., & Palit, S. K.

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