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Ahmed A J M M U, Hasan M T, Alam R, Hoque M S. (2017). Characteristics of Fundamental Diagrams Due to Shockwave by Non-lane Based Heterogeneous Traffic. 9th International Structural Engineering and Construction Conference. Valencia, Spain. (ISBN: 978-0-9960437-4-8)


If the global context of traffic flow researches are highlighted, it is observed that many researches have already been conducted with the Fundamental Diagrams of traffic flow for lane based homogeneous traffic. Studies related to propagation of shockwaves are being conducted as well. But for developing countries such as Bangladesh, it is predominant that non-lane based heterogeneous traffic exists in most of the roads. Firstly there is scarcely any lane concept among the drivers at all. Moreover frequent lane changing is a common phenomenon. For these reasons, responses of Fundamental Diagrams’ shape are quite distinctive from already established shapes. Thus the main concern is to trace the deviation of the prevailing traffic flow parameters of traffic flow from those established equations. Video footage has been taken of roadway section marked suitably for measurement. Shock waves due to lane changing for non-lane based and heterogeneous synchronized traffic flow has been accomplished and modelled using R and MAT LAB analysis for a highway of Dhaka city, Bangladesh. After modeling the calibration and validation are done accordingly to distinguish the variation from ideal models and to verify that the study outcomes converge as well. It has been detected that shock wave induces significant decrement in flow and speed in case of specified traffic condition.

Contributors: Ahmed A J M M U, Hasan M T, Alam R, Hoque M S.

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